Hey, Everyone!

Last spring, I began working on a new business called Case Navigator™. It is a service provided to parents who have had their children removed in a juvenile Child in Need of Assistance Case (“CINA”), and is designed to help them navigate the legal process. I will not be providing legal advice or opinions on the merits of a case. Instead, I will be helping reduce the stress that comes from not speaking the language (i.e., “legalese”), not knowing what to expect or even what’s expected of you. Additionally, the tech piece I am working on will help make the professionals’ jobs easier, and save money. Win-win-win.

I currently have a bill in the Iowa Senate (SF79) seeking funding for the program. The bill tells you what it is, but not a lot about why or how. If you want more infomation, feel free to contact me, or go to my website and take a look around.