Sample Task List


The Monthly Task List (“MTL”) is one of the most important things that can help you stay on track. Both the court and DHS will require that you do certain things in order to reunify with your kids. There may also be “assignments” following a Family Team Meeting (“FTM”). As your attorney, I will pull all those tasks together into one document—the Monthly Task List. I will be your “accountability partner” so that you can successfully reunify with your kids as quickly as possible.

Additionally, the FTM notes may have tasks that other people are to do. For example, your FSRP worker might have things to do to help you be successful. Those things will not appear on your Monthly Task List. Only your tasks will be there.

The MTL will, as the name implies, be updated monthly. However, it will also be updated after a hearing and after I receive the FTM notes, so that you always have a current list.

Finally, if you are required to go to therapy, I would strongly advise you to share this list with your therapist. It will help him or her to focus on the things that are most important to DHS and the court, ensuring that you are working on the things that matter most to the decision makers in your case.

How it Works

At the top of the page is general information, along with the date of your next hearing (and which hearing it is), and the date of the next FTM (if one is scheduled).

The main part of the MTL is divided into 3 parts:

  • Critical tasks—these include visitation, therapy, and substance abuse (including drug testing). This list is the same for every client, although they may not apply to every client. If you are not required to do a certain thing on the critical tasks lists, it will show up as “Not Applicable.” (N/A). The three things in this category are the most important things you can do to get your kids back.
  • Important tasks—These are also important, but may be things that don’t really have a deadline, or are a one-time-only task. You can see some examples of this above. These are just examples—your list will look different.
  • Agreements—These are ongoing things that you must do, such as maintain sobriety, or comply with a no-contact order. Again, these are just examples, and your list will be specific to you and your situation.

At the bottom is a place for notes. If you need any additional services, or if there’s something I need to know, you can write it here, and we will talk about it the next time I call. If it’s an emergency, of course, you can call me.

I will plan to call you regularly to see how you are doing. Please have this sheet in front of you when I call. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have it when I call, but it will help make our phone call more efficient, because you can just refer to it, rather than try to remember what you did, when.

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Monthly Task List